C-Parts management

Increased efficiency and cost reduction in the procurement of work materials


Procurement management – we can handle that for you

C-parts are the often overlooked but nevertheless frequently used items in your day-to-day work: ranging from paper clips to protective clothing and tools. Work materials that are of low value but used at high volumes within a company are called C-items.

C-parts management deals with optimizing the procurement and handling of such C-parts and therefore offers massive savings potentials in operating costs. Especially the part or fully automated E-procurement for these articles results in significant savings and noticeable increases in efficiency.

The most important task in C-parts management is the optimization of procurement.  In this, choosing a suitable supplier plays a decisive role for your company.

As an experienced partner we offer you the following in procurement of your C-parts, among others:

  • great value for money
  • reliable and on-time delivery
  • fast and open communication
  • flexible interface management
  • product advice tailored to your processes
  • Nordpack E-procurement of C-parts

E-procurement of C-parts offers your company a number of advantages when it comes to handling and purchasing. By letting Nordpack Online Services handle the entire process of your purchasing, you save on human resources and time and ensure trouble-free operation of your day-to-day business.

Your staff execute re-orders remotely from their workplace using SAP interfaces, OCI connections or a Nordpack subshop made available especially for you and filled with your required items.

This eliminates a large part of your administrative expenditure, saving on personnel cost and at the same time reducing delivery times.

With Nordpack as your E-procurement partner, your company also has a point of contact for all concerns. Instead of working with several suppliers, there is only one invoicing partner.

Talk to us. We will be happy to advise you on Nordpack’s E-procurement solutions.