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Sales and advice

Our sales team has professional and cooperative customer service at its core. Professional advice and extensive customer care are important to ensure you as a customer are always certain to have a good partner at your side for your packaging and packaging processes.

Whether one-time special project, meeting repeat requirements or developing solutions in line with your company’s growth – we would like to and are able to understand your needs. In order to grasp your products’ requirements, we have to listen to you and take a good look at your products, touching and testing them. In this way, a service offering turns into a constructive dialogue.

Contract logistics and consignment warehouse

A continuously changing range of goods or hard-to-predict workload peaks – there are many reasons why it may become necessary to repeatedly react to changed packaging requirements at short notice. In that case, short term availability is what matters. If you cannot guarantee this with internal warehousing, Nordpack offers its contract logistics.

You use parts of our warehouse as a consignment warehouse – we offer delivery within e.g. 24 or 48 hours for your specific range of products for an agreed term. The contract will state the specific products, their numbers as well as the agreed delivery time.

Centre of excellence

We offer our customers a very special service in our in-house testing laboratory. Our TÜV-approved facility is available on request to test the specific requirements of your load and its securing.

Packaging tests

In addition to standard packaging advice, Nordpack GmbH offers the possibility of testing packaging together with our partner, the BFSV packaging institute at HAW, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The tests will be carried out in accordance with standard engineering practice.

A detailed test report will enable you to carry out all necessary changes or optimizations on new or existing packaging. With these stress tests, your packaging can be adjusted even better to the actual requirements, minimizing risks during shipment and reducing costs from damage during transport to a minimum.

Online Services

From online shop to interface management and integrating our catalogues into your merchandise management system: We offer an extensive range of options for your procurement team and your staff to get information on our range of products and order them directly.


Our product and service offerings are very persuasive. So you can be sure we do not only give our best but also fulfill service and safety demands to common standards and requirements, we regularly have these standards certified.

Take a look at all our current certifications here.


Product brochures, data sheets, instructions for use etc. Here, you will find a variety of information on Nordpack GmbH and our range of products for download.