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Gripping products and services for your needs

Retail and trade

As wholesalers, we mainly deliver to medium-sized companies and manufacture directly for customers in industry. Our inventory levels respond to our customers’ needs and our commissioning warehouse reduces our customers’ storage requirements. With 15000 pallet bays we have sufficient space for a wide range of products as well as a lot of flexibility for e.g. interim storage at times of peak demand.

Packaging development

The development of a packaging unit is a significant first step in cost optimization. The packaging is not purely a shell – fillers and cushioning materials, effective corrosion prevention or protection from unauthorized access are vital components determining the overall cost of the process.

Packaging systems

We develop suitable packaging systems for the diverse needs of manufacturing and shipping industries, and of mail order and retail. For this, we use the appropriate material mix of e.g. films, foam, cartons, pallets etc.

Load securing

Load safety is often underestimated as a competitive advantage – it is becoming an ever more important factor in all areas of trade, industry and logistics. With increased traffic monitoring, choosing the correct anti-slip mats becomes a deciding business factor.

Solutions for industry

It can be useful in many cases to incorporate packaging from the start when developing new products. This ensures that right from the product launch, the costs arising from goods and transport packaging are kept as low as possible.

Generally, it makes sense to integrate corrosion prevention, hazardous goods requirements or transport protection into the goods packaging.

Warehouse and logistics

Efficiency, flexibility and speed are at the core of what we do whenever goods have to be delivered to their destination safely. A structured storage system with 15000 pallet spaces and state-of-the-art warehouse management software will ensure smooth and fast handling when loading and dispatching goods.

C-parts management

Consumable supplies such as cardboard packaging, adhesive tape, stretch film, filling materials and other products known as C-items are products that, with their generally high consumption, incur significant cost in purchasing, warehousing and staffing.

E-procurement of c-parts offers your company a number of advantages when it comes to handling and purchasing. By letting Nordpack Online Services handle the entire process of your purchasing, you save on human resources and time and ensure trouble-free operation of your day-to-day business.