Packaging tests

Stress tests and checks under real transport conditions


BFSV packaging institute

In addition to standard packaging advice, Nordpack GmbH offers the possibility of testing packaging together with our partner, the BFSV packaging institute at HAW, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

The tests will be carried out in accordance with standard engineering practice. A detailed test report will enable you to carry out all necessary changes or optimizations on new or existing packaging.

With this kind of packaging test, your packaging will be better adapted to the specific requirements, costs can be cut and transport risks minimized.

All tests can be carried out according to ISTA standards per product or per shipping method.

Vibration testing

This test on a vibrating plate simulates 1000 km on the road. The result will show if and how well the packaging protects the goods and if damages can be expected from the shipping alone.

More information on BFSV packaging institute here.