Load securing

Innovative securing of loads and pallets


Load safety as a competitive advantage

Load safety is often underestimated as a competitive advantage. It is becoming an ever more important factor in all areas of trade, industry and logistics. Road traffic inspections are becoming more rigorous and the selection of the right anti-slip mats can become a competitive advantage.

This is why Nordpack GmbH has developed the SAFETYgrip series of products for load securing according to VDI standard 2700 et seqq., to DIN EN 12195-1 and German road traffic regulations (StVo). Based on renewable resources, SAFETYgrip offers you maximum safety at minimum cost. SAFETYgrip is certified by TÜV Nord. Test reports for a variety of combinations of materials are available.

Maximum safety at minimum cost

The SAFETYgrip group of products from Nordpack is the most economical and eco-friendly alternative to conventional slip-inhibiting devices and is guaranteed to be safe. The special patented anti-slip coating ensures that materials of between 0.2 mm and 4.5 mm (anti-slip paper and anti-slip mats) can be used both in pallet and load securing.

Securing on the pallet

Road safety starts with securing pallet units. This type of securing should go hand-in-hand with the types of load securing required by law.

Only when there is already sufficient pallet securing with slip-inhibiting material (e.g. SAFETYgrip), can safe and efficient load securing according to VDI standard 2700 and DIN EN 12195-1 take place.

SAFETYgrip pallet interlayers and anti-slip papers guarantee a higher coefficient of sliding friction – even within pallet securing – compared with other brands. They thus fulfil the highest requirements with a minimum of material input.

SAFETYgrip anti-slip mats are exceptionally easy to handle and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way as waste paper.

Please find more comprehensive information on MULTi-Cargo SAFETYgrip, the Nordpack brand for innovative anti-slip mats at:


Load securing workshops may be booked with our partner Hilmar Müller.


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