Packaging consulting

Targeted advice on packaging and process optimization


Nordpack Consulting

There are many aspects to be considered when deciding how suitable the packaging is in any particular case.

Optimum size, possible savings on fillers, quality of transport protection, use of materials that do not waste resources, exceptionally easy handling, or best use of lorry space are just some of the points that have to be taken into account.

Take advantage of our know-how.

Packaging and process consulting

Increasing efficiency is the key to truly speeding up existing processes. Optimal packaging for individual products, appropriate warehousing of packaging materials and consistently reliable suppliers are deciding factors for minimizing breakage and lowering overall process costs.

We take a close look in order to get the most out of the system for you, the customer.

Constructive packaging

The real cost of packaging is usually not the cost of materials but the accompanying process costs. We will test your packaging and packaging aids on quality, easy handling and possible savings potentials.

With cardboard box systems and constructive packaging, box sizes matching the range of goods are only one aspect of efficient pallet packing.

Custom dimensions and choice in the individual components of the constructive packaging will protect your products and your budget as well as improve the smooth running of your processes.

Packaging machines

A packaging line matching your workflow and using carefully chosen machines will help speed up standard processes.

Eliminating unnecessary steps will save on personnel resources, save on cost as well as on packaging aids, and will significantly increase efficiency and safety.

Logistics concepts

The logistics chain starts with resource planning. Whether internal production processes, ordering from suppliers or external transportation – many important interfaces often underperform.

It is the aim of a sophisticated logistics system to ensure smooth processes, to avoid unnecessary delays and to be able to provide additional capacities when needed even at peak times.

Warehouse solutions

Personnel costs, turnover rate, capital tied up in inventory, storage time etc.: There is huge potential for cost optimization and profit increases in warehousing.

Modern-design warehouse technology and innovative ideas will create space, save room and speed up your turnover.

Procurement management

Lower real net output ratios make it vital for manufacturers to continually check their suppliers and their suppliers’ products for performance and innovation.

The resulting supply chain is less geared towards low purchase prices but more towards high price-performance ratios, viewed from the perspective of the overall process.

Workflow optimization

Working with you, we will develop workflow solutions tailored exactly to your needs. We will provide support during project planning, measuring and layouting and will also help with installation and process planning – both for standard solutions and for tricky custom solutions.

Data management

It is vital for many business processes to keep exact and reliable data on customers, products or suppliers.

Mistakes may result if these business processes are based on incorrect or incomplete master data. Careful assessment and regular data management will protect your profits.