Logistics concepts

Smooth logistics solutions for procurement, production and delivery

We will find your logistics solution

Short processes as well as comfortable and flexible concepts will support a maximum of security, reliability and adherence to schedules for the entire value chain:

This is why it is our job to work hand in hand with you to find, implement and promote a comprehensive solution for your company’s internal and external logistics operations.

How far do your goods travel from production to delivery? Where can you shorten the distance and make savings? What is the real size of your storage requirements? When does your own fleet of vehicles pay off? Which contract service providers will add value?

An analysis of these aspects is the foundation for logistics cost optimization. In addition to conceptual solutions, we offer all service and management services necessary for expanding and implementing internal procurement, production and delivery processes.

Our contract logistics facilities will expand your valuable warehouse space as required and prevents capacity bottlenecks.

Comprehensive services

Take advantage of the reliable global connections and of Nordpack’s perfectly tuned partner network.

In addition, our offer includes services such as:

  • inventory and order management
  • picking and packing
  • palletizing and labelling
  • handling and storage of hazardous goods
  • temperature-controlling infrastructure
  • quality control
  • just-in-time deliveries
  • national and international distribution

We will improve your logistics for even safer and faster outcomes.

The Nordpack Consulting team is looking forward to hearing from you:
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