• Packing a punch.
    So your products are well received.

    Constructive packaging for production and export –
    tailored to your goods, processes and shipping requirements.

Paper-based insulated bags

100 % food safe, recyclable and environmentally friendly

Our SAFETY cool insulated packaging range guarantees temperature-stable shipping and posting of goods that must be refrigerated, of frozen products and room-temperature products such as live food, which must be protected from frost. The bags are available in different sizes and are food and medicine safe.

Efficient automatic packaging

Packing robots and machines for long-term savings

Packing station systems, packing robots, roller conveyors, box sealers, stretching machines, shrink tunnels and strapping machines are just a few of the technical aids available to you.

There is a vast and very diverse range of labour-saving machines. You can make significant savings in this area with the right advice.

Packaging development and packaging optimization

So that it perfectly matches to products and processes

In order to find the perfect packaging for single goods or a complete range, it is necessary to look at the big picture of product and process.

We have to take into account not only the careful choice of materials but also all packaging and repackaging processes, possible automation, distances travelled from production to delivery as well as the associated logistics.

C-parts management

Consumable supplies and machinery

C-parts solutions tailored to your needs will reduce your stock levels while at the same time maintaining security of supply with low capital lockup.

You save both – on costs and on resources.

TÜV-certified load securing

Load units compliant with the latest EU guidelines

Everyone is talking about EU directive 2014/47 „Roadworthiness“ which came into effect on 20 May 2017.

How do you standardize load units for reliable compliance with legal requirements and maximum product security?

Warehouse and logistics

Comprehensive fulfillment service

A modern high rack storage facility forms the base for flexible contract logistics that can grow with your needs and requirements.

On top of classic warehousing, delivery and order picking, we offer comprehensive services in logistics fulfillment.

Transport packaging as a service product

Cardboard packaging for retail and mail order businesses

Space-saving in storage, easy to assemble and very versatile: The advantages of corrugated board packaging in retail and mail order are obvious.

A low specific weight, high load capacity, reusability and 100 % recyclability will also win over the end customer. Even more persuasive customized with your name.