Packaging machines

Worthwhile and comprehensive automation results in plannable savings potential for the long term


Efficient automatic packaging

A packaging line matching your workflow and using carefully chosen machines will help speed up standard processes. Eliminating unnecessary steps will save on personnel resources, save on cost as well as on packaging aids and will significantly increase efficiency and safety.

Packing station systems, roller conveyors, box sealers, stretching machines, shrink tunnels and strapping machines are just a few of the technical aids available to you. There is a vast and very diverse range of labour-saving machines. You can make significant savings in this area with the right advice.

We will check how much sense a certain machine will make for you in a certain position and what investment in new machines will pay off for you. We will establish where existing automated systems should be extended in order to result in better processes and traffic on your packaging lines.

Big things can have big effects but it is often the small changes having he biggest effect. That is what we would like to talk to you about.

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