Procurement management

Optimization, organization and facilitation of purchasing and suppliers

C-parts management for optimum value for money

The reduction in real net output ratios makes it imperative for manufacturers to constantly monitor their supplier efficiency as well as their suppliers’ innovation potential; therefore the procurement network should not necessarily be oriented purely towards low purchase prices.

Quality and type of packaging materials that remain consistent over the long term will ensure quality-assured and consistent workflow, avoiding the need to react to changing products or defective materials.

A company’s purchasing department is in a strategically pivotal role in this, creating value and at the same time fulfilling a broader range of tasks.

Cost saving on order

Our procurement management includes services in needs assessment, supplier selection, ordering, order monitoring, logistics and supplier evaluation. We will check the range of services of your packaging and materials suppliers.

In this way, overlapping supply ranges might be identified; and in redirecting purchasing to a smaller number of main suppliers, the administrative burden can be minimized. Outlays for warehousing and logistics will also be lowered and thus procurement costs reduced further.

We will take over controlling and evaluation of these processes and of the suppliers with regards to deadlines and ability to supply; we will also monitor logistics in accordance with the priority of the ordered goods.

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