Packaging and process consulting

Focussed consulting services following the Nordpack approach


Tradition, innovation and passion

Uniting tradition and the future, we act in a reliable, trustworthy and innovative manner. We have been advising our customers for decades following this simple but significant maxim and we design new state-of-the-art and customized packaging solutions every day. In order to remain neutral and give the best possible objective advice, we act independently of specific suppliers, materials or manufacturers.

We will be happy to advise decision-makers from manufacturing or packaging industries, from mail order or logistics. Focussing on the packaging field, we will recognize the potential in even the smallest detail and every interface within your company.

Our consulting service focusses exclusively on packaging and process optimization.  This exclusiveness makes us stand out from all other consultants.

Focussed consulting services

Cost optimization in the sector of packaging and packaging processes often harbours surprising profits that must not be underestimated. A focus on packaging consulting following the Nordpack approach involves analyzing and shining a light on all aspects impacting on the packaging process, going beyond boxes, films and other packaging materials:

  • packaging machines
  • logistics
  • warehousing
  • procurement
  • worfkflow
  • data management

And this is exactly where Nordpack takes action. We will endeavour to secure long-term cost advantages for you as a customer, by beginning with the raw materials and looking at all processes in the packaging field – right up to the choice of supplier.

The Nordpack Consulting team is looking forward to hearing from you:
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