Contract logistics

Your external warehouse for just-in-time deliveries


Consignment warehouse and contract logistics

A continuously changing range of goods or hard-to-predict workload peaks – there are many reasons why it may become necessary to repeatedly react to changed packaging requirements at short notice. In that case, short term availability is what matters. If you cannot guarantee this with internal warehousing, Nordpack offers its contract logistics.

You use parts of our warehouse as a consignment warehouse – we offer delivery within e.g. 24 or 48 hours for your specific range of products for an agreed term. The contract will state the specific products, their numbers as well as the agreed delivery time.

Planning and pricing security

The significant advantage for you as a customer is security of planning and price. You will be able to enjoy the prices for bulk quantities in spite of small part deliveries and you will save on in-house storage space by outsourcing C-parts etc. At the same time you can be sure that we will meet increased requirements even at short notice.

Let us talk about contract logistics and see if and where it would be profitable for you.