Warehouse solutions

Optimization of warehouse technology, material flow and contract logistics for quick and efficient turnaround of goods


Streamlined warehouse solutions reduce cost

Personnel costs, turnover rate, capital tied up in inventory, storage time and so on: There is huge potential for cost optimization and profit increases in warehousing. Modern-design warehouse technology and innovative ideas will create space, save room and speed up your turnover. Warehousing, external storage or a successful combination of both – we will work out the ideal storage solution for you by looking at the big picture.

Significant components are the building, warehouse technology and warehouse systems, material flow including vehicles and material flow management, outgoing goods and loading technology, commissioning and workplaces including warehouse management.

Planning and implementation of you custom warehouse solution

We develop comprehensive and part solutions as well as component parts in accordance with your short or long-term requirements. With professional project management, we support the implementation of your warehouse solution by defining processes, by coordinating all partners involved, by creating schedules, monitoring deadlines, checking and ensuring legal compliance, with risk assessment and monitoring assembly processes.

Monitoring and development during live operation

Support during live operation will ensure that the forecasts are met and deliverables and savings potentials are reached. Naturally, we are available at short notice for service, inspection and when adjustments are required. In this way, we can work together to give you the space to grow your core business.

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