Packaging systems

Modular, high performance and super strong – MULTi-Cargo’s cardboard packaging family


Systematic modular packaging on pallets

Cardboard packaging systems made of corrugated cardboard set the standard. The modular system with a wide variety of sizes allows for optimal packaging of uniform pallet and load units even with varying dimensions.

In this area, Nordpack is able to offer a successful range of products with our own MULTi-Cargo brand.

Our corrugated cardboard boxes fulfill the most diverse requirements of manufacturing and/or shipping trades and industries. On top of their modularity and the great variety of cardboard packaging sizes, MULTi-Cargo boxes also guarantee maximum stability, even with extremely small or large cardboard packaging. In addition, MULTi-Cargo boxes with their fast assembly base, multiscoring and fast closing mechanism also make for an efficient workflow.

Different materials, one system

When developing your packaging solution, your specific requirements play the biggest part. We will check carefully which products will have a positive effect on goods protection or optimization of the packaging workflow, for example foam material, VCI film, punching dies or similar.

During this analysis, we also establish which system is the best choice for your pallet units. We will find answers to questions such as which pallet is best for your products and where to use anti-slip mats, stretching or strapping most effectively.

Comprehensive information and a full summary of our range of MULTi-Cargo products are available at: