Cardboard crate

Stackable corrugated cardboard transport crate

Strong and sturdy support for heavy goods

Especially strong crates, excellent for stacking and with side access

This transport crate features a pre-punched handle, side access and can be stacked safely. Its rectangular shape allows for maximum use of available space for packing or storage. Available in 2 sizes and 2 grades and in brown or white – with optional lid. It allows for maximum use of available space and is ideal for packing vertically straight goods such as paint tins, plant pots, screw boxes, cardboard boxes etc. The low handle holes make this box easier to carry close to the body and it is thus easier on the spine than conventional crates.

PiCK & GO heavy duty cardboard crate size S – brown or white

Stackable carrying box from single-wall corrugated board with pre-punched handle holes and side access, 15 kg carrying capacity

Due to its popularity with DIY-store customers, we also call this model the DIY-store crate. But it is also suitable for use as a fruit and vegetable crate for transport and for storage of e.g. apples, oranges or potatoes. It stacks exceptionally well and is easy to carry. The low handle holes support safe but easy-on-the-spine carrying even with a full load and the side access allows for inspection of the contents even when stacked. The small carrying box made of single-wall brown or alternatively white corrugated board in the typical shape of stacking crates features interior dimensions of 369 x 294 x 193 mm and a volume of ca. 20.94 litres. It carries loads of up to 15 kg with ease but only weighs in at 360 g itself. Per pallet, we deliver 440 self-assembly boxes packed flat and space-saving in bundles of 20. A slip-on lid is available as an optional extra.

PiCK & GO heavy duty cardboard crate size L – brown or white

Quick-assembly crate made of double-wall corrugated board, handle holes and side access pre-punched, weight capacity up to 25 kg

The big, strong brother of the corrugated board crate is made from double-wall board and can thus carry weights of up to 25 kg. The outer wall of the box is available in brown or white. The self-assembly mechanism makes this flat-packed carrier box space-saving in storage and ready-to-use in seconds. Featuring a volume of ca. 45.76 litres and interior dimensions of 565 x 382 x 212 mm. The flat base offers plenty of space for tools, DIY-store materials, plants or as a storage crate for apples and potatoes. The optional slip-on lid protects goods from light and dust. The boxes are available in packs of 20 each on pallets of 440.


stable stacking


will take heavy and bulky goods
of up to 15 kg or 25 kg


easy access even when stacked
with the pre-perforated side access


Numbers and Data

00027557 PiCK & GO heavy duty S brown/brown single walled 369 x 294 x 193 ca. 20,94 15 kg 20 440
00027559 PiCK & GO heavy duty S white/white single walled 369 x 294 x 193 ca. 20,94 15 kg 20 440
00027558 PiCK & GO heavy duty L brown/brown double walled 565 x 382 x 212 ca. 46,76 15 kg 20 440
00027560 PiCK & GO heavy duty L white/white double walled 565 x 382 x 212 ca. 46,76 15 kg 20 440


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