Manual strapping – Manual equipment for plastic strapping

Strapping with Signode® manual tensioners and sealers for plastic strapping

The Signode® world of strapping products includes a number of options for securely fastening your plastic strapping. You will find the different tools at a glance below.

Signode tensioners & sealers

Signode® tensioner DLT – walking gripper manual tensioner

Small and lightweight tensioner with cutting mechanism and buckle closure. Provides maximum tension with steel or plastic buckles.

Signode® tensioner STD – feed wheel tensioner

A serrated feed wheel grips the strapping’s surface and pulls the strapping to create tension. Lightweight and easy-to-use with high tensioning capacity.
Ideal for 13 mm plastic strapping.

Signode® sealers D504, D506 and ORZ 3200

These front-action models have handles perpendicular to the strapping. The side-action D-34 pliers are positioned at a right angle to the strapping.
The pliers are then used to stake or crimp the seal by pushing the handles together.

Manual seal-feed combination tools

Signode® combination tool AST 12

The AST tool is a seal magazine tool for nylon, PP and PET strapping measuring 11 to 12.7 mm.

Signode® combination tool AMT 58

The AMT 58 is perfect for manual strapping using 16 mm High-Strength Tenax strapping.

Signode® combination tools LPC 13 and LPC 16

These two tools are perfect for use with 13 or 16 mm wide plastic strapping.


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