Warning tape

Printed with continuous warning messages

Warning tape, also called hazard tape, safety tape or caution tape, is a special tape for protecting your products. Their eye-catching colour reminds the postman or courier to treat the package with extra care.


Warning tape finds its application in shipping, i.e. the warning “Glass! Handle with care!” is used for shipping glass, “Risk of breakage” for protecting porcelain and “Do not enter” is ideal for cordoning off areas.

The eye-catching warning print reminds all those involved in handling during transport as well as the recipient to avoid negligent behaviour when handling the goods.

Safety tape can be either polyvinyl chloride (PVC warning tape) or polypropylene (PP warning tape). The warning messages are printed continuously on the tape.

Warning messages/printing
Warning tape is available with a variety of messages. The most common are:

  • “Glass! Handle with care!”
  • “Risk of breakage”
  • “Do not enter”

All three designs are available with black lettering on a red base. The warning tape is also available in other colours such as black writing on a yellow base.

Your warning tape can also be custom printed with the following:

  • company logo
  • company name
  • advertising print

reminds the courier service to take
care when handling the goods


bright red as a
warning colour


high tear resistance
and high bond

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