Adhesive tape dispensers

With sharpened tear-off edge and pressure flap

The tape dispenser, also called tape unwinder, is made of mostly metal and some plastic and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. It can be used with all kinds of adhesive tape. The tape dispenser is an ideal packaging aid for sealing cartons, boxes and other packaging items with PP or PVC tape.

Metal dispensers in particular are very robust and sturdy and will withstand even falls from the packing table and bumps on the table edge without any problems.

The metal adhesive tape dispenser is

  • suitable for all common kinds of adhesive tape
  • with pressure flap and sharpened tear-off edge
  • features an ergonomic handle

Matching PVC or PP adhesive tapes are of course available from our shop!


Plastic dispensers find their application in several industries such as in the packaging industry, in mail order or for domestic use. Here, the adhesive tape dispensers are used for sealing parcels and boxes.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle promises convenient and safe operation. The additional tear-off edge and the knife make a straight cut at a defined point of the tape.

The adhesive tape dispensers are suitable for all kinds of adhesive tape, be it double-sided tape, filament tape, PVC or PP adhesive tape.


The hand-held tape dispenser is made of either plastic or metal.

The so-called tear-off edge is always made of metal to ensure additional rigidity in the dispenser. All remaining parts making up the dispenser are plastic with the pressure flap either metal or rubber. The kind of flap is different for each dispenser and can be chosen by the customer.


with pressure flap and sharpened tear-off edge


suitable for all kinds of adhesive tape


ergonomic handle


Hand-held dispensers are suitable for use with all common types of adhesive tape and in addition, even for double-sided tape.

The tape dispensers are not suitable for sealing a great number of boxes or cartons as this would be uneconomical. For this scenario, box sealing machines integrated into the packaging process or the packing line would be more suitable, saving time and money in the packaging process.

Adhesive tape dispenser designs

Adhesive tape dispensers are available in different designs; please find the most suitable design for you in the product table attached. Furthermore, the plastic tape dispenser is also available sized for extra-wide tapes.

All dispensers feature an additional pressure flap made of metal, plastic or rubber as well as a sharpened tear-off edge with or without brake mechanism.


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