Single use pallets

Made of IPPC-treated solid wood

Single use pallets (also called export pallets, non-returnable pallets or one-way pallets) are a type of transport pallet custom-designed to customer specification and used wherever return transport is not possible or needed.

Therefore, single use pallets are often used for export where a regular exchange cannot be ensured or guaranteed.


Single use pallets are used in transport or storage. They are used especially frequently for export and they are often called export pallets for this reason. Their export advantage is that no return transport has to be organized or paid for. The end customer can simply dispose of the pallets, which are made of 100 % environmentally friendly materials.

Nevertheless, single use pallets are popular not only abroad but also for use within Germany; although the Euro pallet is still regarded as the no. 1 load carrier here. Unlike Euro pallets, there is no need for the customer to stockpile large amounts of pallets to be able to swap pallets at every delivery.

Apart from the storage area for empty Euro pallets, single use pallets also save on space in your own warehouse: You or rather your products will determine the format of the custom-made single use pallets, enabling you to tailor your pallet stock to your circumstances.


Single use pallets are generally made of spruce or fir and can be produced using IPPC-treated wood for compliance with regulations in international trade or in the food sector if needed.

Furthermore, the kind of screws and nails for keeping the pallet together can also be chosen individually. The pallets can be produced on site or by an external company. Ideally, the pallets are produced in parallel with the manufacture of the products to avoid unnecessary warehousing of large numbers of pallets.

Single use pallet designs

Single use pallets can be adjusted to the format of their cargo. Therefore the number of covering boards, nails and screws used can vary. We also keep a small selection of ready-made single use pallets in stock.


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