MULTi-Cargo FIREbox

The hazardous goods box from our MULTi-Cargo range

The automobile industry places the highest demands on optimal product protection and safe transport. Due to expansion and site relocation, transport of single and spare parts is increasingly becoming the focus of logistics. True to our motto “safe is safer”, Nordpack GmbH has developed a special kind of hazardous goods packaging for shipping airbag series or parts of hazardous goods category 9 under the MULTi-Cargo brand (automotive solutions).


The material of the FiREbox is a specially developed metal mesh integrated into the corrugated cardboard. This will ensure the safe transport of dangerous airbags.

In the event of an explosion, the metal mesh will withstand extremely high temperatures, strong shock waves and flying debris. Unlike other solutions, the FIREBOX is relatively easy to handle. It can be set up quickly, e.g. with the fast closing lid mechanism QUiCK Lock and an interlocking base. This renders gluing or tacking unnecessary.

The FIREBOX is delivered flat and is thus extremely space-saving.

The UN series 6C bonfire test

A so-called bonfire test must be passed in order to transport airbags and belt tensioners in hazardous goods category 9. The test checks the airbag modules’ reaction to extreme thermal strain inside the packaging as well as the spread of parts during an explosion.

The airbag parts must not spread further than five metres in order to pass the 6c test. The FiREbox has passed this test in a number of 6c tests by the automobile and airbag manufacturers.


  • adhesive tape
  • strapping


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Numbers and Data

Cartons for hazardous goods: Dimensions
hazardous goods box G1 175 x 155 x 213
hazardous goods box G2 180 x 160 x 250
hazardous goods box G3 250 x 250 x 360
hazardous goods box G4 325 x 245 x 300
hazardous goods box G5 360 x 300 x 360
hazardous goods box G6 430 x 310 x 300
hazardous goods box G7 570 x 370 x 430