Printer’s waste paper

As filling and wrapping paper

Printer’s waste, sometimes also called wrapping paper or newsprint, is normally used for cushioning or wrapping a wide variety of goods. It is also perfect for filling voids or securing goods inside cartons, crates or boxes.


The paper is often used wherever delicate items are packaged and shipped, e.g. as packing paper for porcelain or glass. Placed into boxes as cushioning or filler, it stops goods from shifting or breaking during transport.

In addition, printer’s waste paper is often used as an interlayer, making it a useful tool when moving house.

Printer’s waste has a grammage of ca. 50 gsm and is made of 100% recovered paper such as newsprint or newspapers. In this case, printer’s waste includes not only recovered paper from newsprint but also special cases like creased sheets of paper or paper irregularities caused by foreign objects in the printing machine.


for cushioning or wrapping


intermediate layer


made of 100% recovered paper

Environmental impact
Made of old newsprint and newspapers: groundwood containing lignin, printer’s waste paper is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of as waste paper after use.

Printer’s waste paper types
Printer’s waste paper is available as sheets. The sheets are cut to size according to customer specification and needs. Alternatively, the paper is also available on rolls in a variety of widths and lengths.


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