Tissue paper

For cushioning and wrapping high-quality goods

Tissue paper (also called wrapping tissue) is an especially soft type of paper. It is used for cushioning cartons and crates and for wrapping clothes, jewellery, porcelain and glass but is also popular as colourful wrapping paper.


Tissue paper is used for a variety of different applications. It can be used as an intermediate layer, as wrapping paper or as filler in boxes or crates. As it is extremely soft and light, it protects delicate items and those easily scratched from damage.

In addition, being extremely thin, it will mould itself to the shape of the wrapped item, making it especially suitable for packing glass and porcelain.

Its high-quality and, if desired, colourful appearance makes it a popular choice for sales points and shipping departments.


Tissue paper or packing tissue is made of cellulose; the paper is bleached and wood-free. It is manufactured on 4.5 to 5 metre wide crepe cylinders. Unlike normal paper machines which use several drying cylinders, these special paper machines feature two drying hoods, drying the tissue paper web in a fraction of a second at 460 degrees.

Tissue paper is produced according to DIN EN ISO 12625-6, featuring a creped surface. The paper is produced in grammages of 15 to 30 gsm but can be made with as little as 5 gsm in special cases.


as intermediate layer or wrapping paper


as a filler in boxes


from 5 gsm

Tissue paper finishes
Tissue paper is produced in three different finishes:

  • Silk tissue paper
    Especially pure and ideal for protecting high-quality and delicate goods.
  • Special tissue paper
    Is used especially for the wrapping of metal goods.  Made of particularly soft components that minimize corrosion.
  • Packing tissue
    Is used almost exclusively for filling, bunching or as an intermediate layer for not-quite-so delicate goods. Made of recovered paper and forming the lowest grade of tissue paper. It is used most often for packaging food.

All tissue papers can be produced on the roll or as sheets. They are available in different grammages (between 15 and 30 gsm) and can be dyed in many colours if desired.


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Numbers and Data

Industrial tissues: dimensions and data
Industrial tissue paper 375 x 500 sheet
Industrial tissue paper 500 x 750 sheet
Industrial tissue paper 750 x 1000 sheet
Further dimensions on request!

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