Air bubble envelopes

Available with self-adhesive seal or brass-type fasteners

Air bubble envelopes are also called air bubble mailers or air padded envelopes and are envelopes with integrated bubble wrap. The outer paper of the air padded envelopes is made of kraft paper and is very robust and tear resistant.


The bubble wrap inside the envelope protects fragile items such as CDs, DVDs or ceramics from scratches, bumps and breakage during transport. In addition, it offers reliable protection from damp and moisture. Furthermore, the padded envelopes are made of kraft paper and are extremely tear resistant und robust.


Kraft paper consists of almost 100 % cellulose fibres and is one of the strongest types of paper available. The added starch, alum and size result in a further increase in strength, making it the perfect choice for the outer layer of packaging envelopes.

The bubble wrap integrated into the envelope offers the packaged goods optimal protection from moisture, dust and dirt. The film is see-through and consists of two or at most three synthetic films with either the top layer or the inside made of air-filled dimples. The air bubble film’s bubbles are 10 mm (for small bubbles) or 25 mm (for large bubbles) in diameter.

The envelopes can be made with antistatic bubble wrap for posting electronic components. This will offer additional protection from static discharge for the goods.

The air bubble film can be separated from the kraft paper for disposal, allowing for separate disposal of the two components.


very robust and tear resistant


protection from damp and moisture


can be made with
antistatic bubble wrap

Sealing options

Padded envelopes are suitable for both internal and external mail and feature different sealing options for each intended application.

For internal mail, brass fasteners are an excellent closing option. The fasteners are simply push-fit into the euro hole in the envelope and fixed with the two legs of the fastener. In addition, the envelopes can be sealed with a self-adhesive strip on the intended bond area. This bond area will allow for repeated opening and closing of the envelope. For external posting, the afore-mentioned self-adhesive strip is simply sealed to the kraft paper. This will leave no possibility of unnoticed unauthorized opening as the kraft paper will be damaged on opening of the envelope and cannot be sealed again.

Environmental compatibility

Air bubble envelopes are not only an ideal means of shipment, they are also recyclable without restriction. After use, the bubble wrap and the padded envelope kraft paper can be separated and recycled.

Padded envelope designs

Padded envelopes are available with different interior and outside dimensions. In addition, the thickness of the air bubble film used in the envelope can be varied in production.

Apart from the technical finish, the kraft paper envelopes can be varied in colour. In addition to the standard colours white and golden yellow, they can also be manufactured in red, green, blue and many other colours. Even art prints and writing can be incorporated on request.


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Numbers and Data

Air bubble envelopes: Styles with dimensions and data
Air bubble padded envelope Size 1 A, white A6
Air bubble padded envelope Size 2 B, white A6 +
Air bubble padded envelope Size 3 C, white A5
Air bubble padded envelope Size 4 D, white B5
Air bubble padded envelope CD
Air bubble padded envelope Size 5 E, white B5 +
Air bubble padded envelope Size 6 F, white A4 large letter
Air bubble padded envelope Size 7 G, white C4
Air bubble padded envelope Size 8 H, white C4 +
Air bubble padded envelope Size 9 J, white A3
Air bubble padded envelope Size 10 K, white A3/C3
Brass fasteners 100 pieces
Brass fasteners 1000 pieces