Big Bags – Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)

For transport and disposal of bulk goods

Big bags, also called bulk bags or liner bags, are transport containers for bulk goods such as sand, rocks or hazardous waste. Internationally, they are referred to as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container).


Ideal for disposal of fabric or paper waste. Also important in the bulk goods industry. Sand, gravel or coal is often bagged and loaded like this. Once filled, the big bags are transported on Euro pallets.

Example fillings:

Roofing tiles
Gravel, sand or rocks
Crushed rock


Big bags are made of 100 % artificial fibres, specifically, woven polypropylene (PP). In addition, most bags are coated with a PE film on the inside. On the one hand, this special coating lowers the material’s permeability – e.g. by moisture – on the other, it provides additional protection against tearing under heavy stress.

Environmental compatibility

The reusable big bag is normally reused after emptying, it is easy to clean and will be ready once more without any problems.




roofing tiles


gravel, sand and rocks

Big bag finishes

Big bags are available in many different sizes and finishes; coated or non-coated. In asbestos disposal, for instance, a dust-proof coating is often applied. On the other hand, big bags can also be coated with a food-safe inner liner, as would be used for transporting grains.

In addition, big bags can be equipped with a filling aid or an emptying aid, making filling and emptying as time-saving and as energy-conserving as possible.

Furthermore, the big bag features two convenient loops for forklift or crane transportation and movement.


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