Air bubble film

Made of robust and tear-resistant polyethylene (PE)

Air bubble film, also called bubble wrap or air bubble plastic is a low density polyethylene (LDPE) two or three layer film containing air-filled dimples. They are perfect for packaging fragile items and/or for filling voids in cartons or boxes.


Air bubble film or bubble wrap is very versatile and is perfect for protecting, cushioning or insulating fragile and pressure-sensitive items. It is also a convenient and safe means of filling voids in shipment packaging.

Bubble wrap is also used to protect valuable surfaces and items from scratches and dust, e. g. when transporting items of furniture or home furnishings like porcelain or pictures. In addition to its good cushioning properties, bubble wrap is also unaffected by water as the plastic used for its manufacture (polyethylene) only takes on or absorbs little or no moisture.

The well-known padded envelopes (air bubble envelopes) to a large extent also consist of bubble wrap, which is incorporated into the inside of the envelopes, making them perfect for protecting smaller objects.


Air bubble film is made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, featuring a very low density of 0.915 g/cm³ to 0.935 g/cm³ because of its highly branched polymer chain. This air bubble wrap generally is of an opaque, dull or matte colouring.  For special purposes such as UV protection or theft protection, the film can also be coloured black.

The film consists of two or three joined layers of polyethylene. For the two-layer film, the film with the actual air bubble dimples is applied to the top of a smooth layer of polyethylene. In the three-layer film, this lamination is topped with another smooth (covering) layer added to the top of the air bubbles. Large temperature swings are mostly irrelevant when using bubble wrap as it withstands temperatures of -85 to +90 degrees without any problems.


for cushioning and insulating


protecting from scratches and dust


unaffected by water

Environmental compatibility

Air bubble wraps are made of pure polyethylene (LLDPE) and are odourless, neutral to ground water as well as 100 % recyclable and biodegradable. They can therefore be disposed of as normal waste without any problems, making for easy and trouble-free handling of the film in day-to-day shipping operations.

Air bubble film designs

Air bubble film is manufactured on rolls as standard and can be cut to the required dimensions with an additional cutting system. On special request we also deliver custom-cut bubble wrap to customer specification.

It is also possible to custom-select the kind of dimples needed for your intended use. Small dimples (diameter of approx. 10 mm, dimple height 4 mm) are suitable for small and light goods, whereas large dimples (diameter approx. 25 to 30 mm, dimple height 8 mm) are perfect for large and heavy items.

Furthermore, air bubble film is available in an antistatic finish and in different roll lengths (metres).


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Air bubble film: Available dimensions
Air bubble film 30 100
Air bubble film 60 100
Air bubble film 120 100
Air bubble film 150 100