Document pockets

For posting invoices and delivery notes on the packaged goods

Document pockets, also called packing list envelopes, invoice envelopes, plastic envelopes or labelopes, are often used in logistics and are fixed directly to the packaged goods.


Labelling the goods directly with the document pockets will facilitate identification during shipping.  Packing list envelopes will stick to almost any surface with their self-adhesive backing, making them very versatile. The most common types are those for parcel shipment, pallet shipment or mailing envelope deliveries.

In order to ensure successful adhesion of the envelope onto the respective substrate, the area should always be clean and dry.

Document pockets will ensure that the goods’ recipient will receive delivery documents or similar in a clean and correct manner.


fixed directly to the packaged goods


self-adhesive backing


receive delivery documents
in a clean and correct manner


The accompanying document pocket is a protective casing, made of transparent polyethylene with a pressure-sensitive adhesive seal. Furthermore, accompanying document pockets have a self-adhesive film, which is protected by a white covering paper (siliconized on one side), and which prevents removal of the papers from the cardboard box or pallet due to its strong adhesive properties.

Accompanying document pocket designs

Document pockets are available in sizes DIN/ISO C7 – C4 and DIN/ISO long and are available with optional printing or transparent. The printable document pockets are usually printed in red and black: “Packing list / invoice”. This is printed in different languages to ensure smooth communication in international shipping.

Unprinted pockets can be used with envelopes for e.g. internal transport. Furthermore, document pockets are available with either a pressure-sensitive adhesive seal (permanent seal) or with a resealable closure (to be opened repeatedly). Its eye-catching design makes it easy for parcel delivery companies or the recipient to identify the address without any problems.

Delivery note pockets are available in all DIN/ISO formats for inserting envelopes and mailers from C5 to A4 and C7 without any problems. All document pockets are delivered in a convenient dispenser box for space-saving storage and easy use.


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