Edge protectors

For securing pallets and cargo

An edge protector, also called edge guard or strapping protector, can be made of corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard, plastic or PE foam and helps to protect edges and corners of cargo, furniture, glass or sharp-edged items while at the same time helping to secure them.


Edge protectors help to prevent slipping of goods on a pallet. They also help to prevent damage from strapping.

Edge protectors can be used in a number of ways on a container. They could on the one hand be fixed horizontally with strapping. On the other hand, edge protectors can be fixed to all four sides with tape – self-adhesive edge protectors or self-adhesive strips are also an option.

Edge protectors can also be used to provide additional stability for crates and cartons by using them on the inside of the cardboard packaging.


Edge protectors are made of solid cardboard, corrugated cardboard or plastic, each featuring different characteristics.

Plastic edge protectors are frequently used on sharp-edged items due to their high stability and density. In contrast, foam edge protectors are used for pipe systems, glass products or as pinch guards on doors. Plastic and foam (PE) edge protectors are also referred to as edge guards or foam corners. In contrast, corrugated or solid cardboard edge protectors are used for protecting corners and edges of furniture; or as reinforcement for packaged goods on carriers.

Edge protector designs

Edge protectors are available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and materials. They can be manufactured with a convenient self-adhesive strip for easy application to materials and products if needed.

Edge protector strips are an alternative to edge protectors, made of soft polyurethane (PE) foam or plastic. Plastic edge protectors are also available with a spike, these are easy to secure in place quickly as they grip into the product. In addition, edge protectors can be coated or a water repellent applied.


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Numbers and Data

Edge protectors: Dimensions
Edge protectors 660 x 60 x 60
Edge protection 1060 x 60 x 60
PP – corner edge protectors without spike
PP – edge protection with spike
Edge protectors 60 x 35 x 35