ColomPac file folder packaging

For the safe shipping of folders and documents

Universal file folder shipping packaging (also called folder box or universal file folder dispatch packaging) are corrugated cardboard packaging materials made specially for shipping file folders. This outer packaging offers protection from external factors such as dust or damp.

File folder packaging materials are made from corrugated cardboard with a back height of 35 to 88 mm and are used principally for shipping A4 folders. Due to their design, no further fillers such as packing paper or bubble wrap are necessary.

Additional sealing materials such as straps or adhesive tape are redundant due to the integrated self-adhesive seal.

The pre-perforated tear open strip makes for easy opening after delivery of the parcel. In addition, the combination of self-adhesive seal and tear open strip protects the contents from unauthorized third-party access.

With its robust corrugated cardboard packaging and the surrounding edge and corner protectors (protection from cuts during packing and unpacking), our file folder packaging offers not only optimal protection from damage during transport, but also from external factors such as wetness or damp.

In addition, the inside flaps of the file folder packaging are multiscored, making it a perfect fit for any folder height and protecting the folders from shifting during transport.


self-adhesive seal
with tear-open strip


fill height variable
up to 80mm


protective corners
and edges

Sealing options

The file folder shipment packaging features both self-adhesive seal and pre-perforated tear open strip.

This system makes for safe closure and protects from unauthorized third-party access.

In addition, use of the self-adhesive seal saves both time and money, as additional sealing materials such as adhesive tape or straps are made redundant.

File folder packaging designs

File folder packaging is available in two types as standard.

Universal file folder packaging

  • multiscored for different packing heights between 35 and 80mm
  • surrounding edge and corner protection
  • single self-adhesive seal

Universal file folder packaging with double self-adhesive seal

  • multiscored for different packing heights between 35 and 80mm
  • surrounding edge and corner protection
  • double self-adhesive seal
  • strong and safe corrugated cardboard

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