Telescoping boxes

Two-part box (base/lid) from solid cardboard

Telescoping boxes, also called setup boxes, consist of a top part (lid) and a bottom part (base) and are made from corrugated or solid cardboard.

Base and lid are delivered separately and flat-packed, requiring little storage space. The component parts (base and lid) of the box are assembled separately, the bottom part is filled with the goods and then closed with the lid.

Telescoping boxes are used for transport in many different areas such as in printing plants for printed materials or in the automobile industry for spare parts.

Telescope-type boxes are manufactured to FEFCO 0304 standard and consist of a separate bottom and lid. The telescoping boxes are made from corrugated cardboard or greyboard to customer specification and are 4-point or 6-point glued.

Sealing options
Generally, these boxes are closed with the corresponding lid and secured with straps or adhesive tape for safe shipping.


consist of bottom and lid


grade 450 g/m2


quick and easy
to assemble

Telescoping box designs 
Telescoping boxes are mostly made from greyboard and are available in a grey, brown or white finish. We are able to print the set-up boxes with your company logo or custom text, making them an ideal advertising medium for your company.

In addition, set-up boxes are also available in a corrugated board version. This type is generally made from an E flute (micro flute), as this is ideal for printing.

Set-up boxes are available in A5 and A4 sizes as standard and with a height of 50 or 100mm. We also offer custom production, allowing you to choose custom dimensions perfect for you product.


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Accessories:  adhesive tape, straps, document pockets